At the Eyelid Surgery Center of Excellence we take pride in offering world-class healthcare to the Los Angeles area. But we also understand that not everyone has the same access to premier medical care. That’s why we help and promote charities that aid children in Central America with congenital defects.

Doctors Helping Communities

humanitarian workThe Children’s Rehabilitation Institute and Surgery Program – or Crisp Foundation – is an organization that helps children with cleft lip and/or cleft palate get the medical care they need to eat, breath, hear, smell, and smile normally.

While there are tens of thousand of children who need care in Central America, the CRISP Foundation is doing what it can. Having already performed over 1,400 surgeries, they’re already well on their way to making a difference. In addition to offering surgery for congenital defects, the CRISP Foundation also helps provide free medical care and surgery for other correctable conditions and injuries.

The medical treatment provided by the CRISP Foundation truly does transform children’s lives, and the Eyelid Surgery Center is proud to be a part of their mission.

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